Rules & Regulations

    1. Instructions given in this diary should be promptly and properly carried out. The diary should not be used as a rough book and pages there from not torn.
    2. Children should be present in the school campus before 08.40 am and leave soon after 03.00 pm whether in the school or private buses. They should not stand in groups in the school premises. No student is allowed to stay back without the Principals permission.
    3. It is compulsory to speak in English while in the campus/school bus.
    4. They should be polite and courteous and should greet teachers, elders and guests.
    5. Use of abusive language or gesture is strictly prohibited.
    6. As you are aware, the Government has strictly banned the use of mobile phones by the students in schools. Parents are directed not to permit their wards taking mobile phones to the school campus. It is made clear that if detected, the student shall be removed from the rolls forthwith and no excuses or explanations shall be entertained.
    7. School property has to be taken proper care of damages of any kind may have to be got rectified by payment of fine.