School Fees

    Tuition Fee is to be paid for 12 months in six Instalments in May, July, September, November, January, March. The payment can be made without Fine upto 10th but with fine of Rs. 10/- till 15th, Rs. 20/- till 25th and Rs. 50/- till 30th of the month of payment. Fee defaulters for more than 3 months will be terminated from rolls without any notice. Such students would be re-admitted subject to vacancies and payment of all dues plus re-admission charge of Rs. 50/-. There shall be fee increase from time to time in commensurate with the Development of the school’s Infrastructure as well as the salary hike.

    • CBSE
    • 1000+
      Students Enrolled
    • 95%
      Sucess rate
    • 100%
      Satisfied Parents