Our school has a well furnished and well maintained school library with more than 500 books several periodicals. Library’s extended reading room serves ample space for the students to sit quiet and to make review of the books they read. The Librarian facilitates the reading as well as the circulation of the books to the students and the staff.

The school library is well stocked with good reading material for the students. The school subscribes magazines and periodicals and updates library shelves with latest books in a regular manner. Students are encouraged to make the best of this facility and separate library Periods are allotted for all classes.


The school has modern computer laboratories to impart Computer education for all classes. Trained and qualified teachers guide students to meet future challenges in this field.


Students must be free of tension and stress to develop a healthy personality and to excel in studies. With a view to provide a space for them to open their mind and to vent out their anxieties, the school provides a professionally managed guidance and counselling wing. Students in need are regularly called for counselling and helped to solve their problems.


The school has fully established and well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Students conduct experiments, demonstrations and project works. They are encouraged to do projects and experiments on their own under the guidance of well qualified teachers.