Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation refers to a system of school based evaluation of a student that covers all aspects of student development. It was introduced by the CBSE for the first time from the second term of class IX in 2009 onwards. The first term ‘ Continuous is meant to emphasis that the evaluation of identified aspects of students growth and development is a continuous process which spread over the entire span of academic session. The second term comprehensive means that the scheme attempts to cover both the scholastic and the co scholastic aspects of the students growth and development.

Three Domains Of Development

CCE aims at the simultaneous development of the

  • Cognitive domain
  • Psycho-motor domain
  • Affective domain


In order to implement CCE, both scholastic and co scholastic aspects are given due recognition

Scholastic Assessment

Scholastic Assessment is conducted through

  • Formative Assessment (FA)
  • Summative Assessment (SA)

In a session there are four formative assessment and two summative assessments.

Co-Scholastic Assessment

The desirable behavior related to kearners life skills, attitudes, interests, values, co curricular activities and physical health are described as skills to be acquired in co scholastic domain.


The School Based Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation System thus, provides for the following aspects

  • Reduce stress on children
  • Make evaluation comprehensive ang regular
  • Provide space for the teacher for creative teaching
  • Provide a tool, for diagnosis and remedial action
  • Produce learners with greater skill

In short, CCe makes the simultaneous development of the cognitive domain, psycho-motor domain and the effective domain a reality.